No Transaction Found With The Hash Coinbase

Coinbase hash Transaction IDCoinbase Digital Currency API – Coinbase bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum API reference. Notification type Required permission Description; ping: None: Ping notification can be send at any time to verify that the notification url is functioning

The merkle root is constructed using all the TXIDs of transactions in this block, but first the TXIDs are placed in order as required by the consensus rules:. The coinbase transaction’s TXID is always placed first.

I sent BTC from Coinbase, and when I click the "View Transaction" link, I get a page on blockcypher that says: "no transaction found with the

Coinbase pending transaction – No transaction found with the hash … Topic: Coinbase pending transaction – No transaction found with the hash (Read 39 times)

Has this happened to anyone else? I sent BTC almost an hour ago and when I try to click the 'view transaction' link it takes me to blocypher as…

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